Florida Entomological Society
Executive Committee Meeting
September 24, 1998, 1:00 p.m.
USDA, ARS Gainesville, FL

Executive Committee Members in Attendance: John Sivinski, Joe Funderburk, Lance Peterson, Theresa DuChene, Pat Greany, Nancy Epsky, Julie Staviski, Chris Tipping, and John Petti.

Committee Chairs and FES Members in Attendance: Norm Leppla, Gary Leibee, Lois Wood, Richard Mankin, John Capinera, Robert Meagher, and Clay Scherer.

President's Opening Remarks: Meeting called to order at 1:10 pm on September 24 ,1998 by President Sivinski. Bound copies of the Florida Entomological Society Operating Guidelines were distributed. Joe Funderburk was asked and agreed to head a group that, working with the Guidelines Committee, would look at and amend discrepancies in the current by-laws. The revised by-laws, which have not been published since 1996, will be published in a future issue of the Florida Entomologist. No published agenda .

Secretary's Report (John Petti) Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held on April 29, 1998, including revisions reflecting the decisions to use the FES lightning bug logo for the 1998 annual meeting and NOT to print and mail the 1999 Annual Meeting Program to members, were resubmitted for approval. Norm Leppla expressed concern for members who do not have access to the FES website where the program will be published. Discussion followed and it was generally agreed that in accordance with the society's plan to offset some of the cost of going on-line by eliminating printing and mailing costs, the decision would stand. Those members without Internet access would have to request a copy of the program, which traditionally is not available in print until the week before the meeting, from the Program Committee or obtain a copy from a member who does have access. President Sivinski motioned to approve, Joe Funderburk seconded, and the vote to accept the revised minutes was unanimous.

Business Manager's Report (Theresa DuChene) Theresa provided members in attendance with a financial report for the period ending August 31, 1998.  
Committee Reports

Fiscal (Bob Meager) No report was submitted.

Computer Resources (Pat Greany) No written report. Changes and additions to the FES Website <http://www.flaentsoc.org> were demonstrated. Florida Entomologist on World Wide Web (Tom Walker). Tom Walker submitted a progress report on posting back-issues of the Florida Entomologist on the WWW. Florida Entomologist (Dick Baranowski) Dick Baranowski submitted a letter in favor of discontinuing the Spanish resumen and asked President Sivinski to bring the subject up for further discussion. In his letter, Dick warns that when Julieta Brambila is no longer available (she currently translates the resumen at an estimated annual cost of $1,000.00), the services of a professional translator will substantially increase the cost of providing the resumen. Dick further questions the importance of the resumen in making the Florida Entomologist an international journal and doubts that discontinuation of the resumen will result in the loss of Latin American members, readers, or paper submissions. Program (Lance Peterson) No report submitted. Lance Peterson is soliciting symposia.

Newsletter (Lois Wood and Nancy Epsky) No report submitted. Past President's message is needed. Next issue of the newsletter will include snippets encouraging membership to submit e-mail addresses and watch the website for inclusions of society business discussed at this meeting. An edited version of the unapproved minutes from this meeting will be included in the next issue.

Caribbean Conference (Abe White) Not represented.

Caribbean Directory (Howard Frank) Not represented.

Operating Guidelines (Ellen Thoms) Not represented. Published guidelines distributed.

Long Range Planning (Richard Mankin) No report submitted.

Membership (Phil Koehler and Clay Scherer) Not represented.

Public Relations (Nancy Epsky) No report submitted. Faith Oi was welcomed as a new member of the committee.

Awards (Gary Leibee) No report submitted. Gary reported having mailed awards to members that did not attend the annual meeting.

Sustaining Membership (Keith Griffith) Not represented.


Next Meeting of the Executive Committee: 1:00 on Tuesday, December 1, 1998, at the USDA, Gainesville.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:00 PM.

Submitted by: John Petti, Secretary

October 14, 1998

12/14/98 Richard Mankin