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will be held July 23 – 26, 2006
at the
Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa
5 North A1A
Jupiter Beach, FL  33477-5190


2006 Annual Meeting Preregistration Form

  Annual Meeting Program Schedule/Abstracts (Final Version 7/21/06)

Authors must submit oral papers as PowerPoint presentations.  A laptop computer (preloaded with presentations), an
LCD projector, and laser pointer will be provided for each session.
The deadline for receipt of electronic presentations is July 18, 2006.
Note: Change from May Newsletter
Please email electronic presentations to Rob Meagher
or mail CD to
Rob Meagher
1700 SW 23rd Dr
Gainesville, FL 32608

Household Invaders Pest Identification Workshop
This is the latest in a series of popular workshops that have been conducted as part of the Florida Entomological Society’s Annual Meeting. The workshop will be a combination of powerpoint lectures and hands-on examination of pest specimens. Workshop attendees will also receive specimens of some pest insects for their own reference. The intent of this workshop is to teach participants how to identify common and uncommon household pests such as spiders, scorpions, mites, ticks, bed bugs, stored product pests, plaster beetles, carpet and fungus beetles, blind snakes, and lizards.  
Instructors: Dr. Brian Cabrera, Assistant Professor of Entomology, University of Florida, Ft. Lauderdale Research & Education Center; Dr. William Kern, Jr., Assistant Professor of Entomology, University of Florida, Ft. Lauderdale Research & Education Center; Lyle Buss, Senior Biological Scientist, University of Florida, Gainesville, Insect Identification and Diagnostics Lab.
Agenda: Cabrera (1 hour): Introduction, Identifying fungus and plaster beetles, Mexican book beetles, cigarette and drugstore beetles, book lice, bed bugs; Kern (1 hour): Identifying spiders, scorpions, ticks, mites, blind snakes, lizards, lawn shrimp, millipedes, springtails; Buss (1 hour): Identifying stored-product pests.
Cost: $60 - includes workshop notebook and box lunch.
 Workshop is limited to 30 persons.

Contact: Brian J. Cabrera
Asst. Professor of Entomology & Extension Specialist
University of Florida, Fort Lauderdale Research & Education Center
3205 College Ave., Davie, FL 33314

Ph: 954-577-6363
FAX: 954-475-4125

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