Collecting in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico requires a permit to collect any kind of wildlife on the island.  An application form for the Puerto Rico permit was printed in the January 1999 FES Newsletter, which is available on the FES homepage.  Another permit is required to collect in state forests, of which there are many.  That permit is estimated to cost ~ $25 per person. A different permit is required to collect in the Caribbean National Forest (which operates much like a national park). Granting of the National Forest permit is contingent on possession of a Puerto Rican permit.  Application for permits should be done as soon as possible.  February is not too soon to begin the process for the July meeting.

Pertinent addresses and phone numbers are:
U.S. Forest Service 
Caribbean National Forest 
P.O. Box B 
Palmer, PR 00721 
or 787-888-5636
Departamento de Recursos Naturales 
Area de Investigaciones Cientificas 
P.O. Box 5887, Puerto de Tierra 
San Juan, PR 00906 

For additional information, contact:

Michael C. Thomas, Ph.D.
Florida State Collection of Arthropods
Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
P.O. Box 147100
Gainesville, FL 32614-7100 U.S.A.
fax: (352) 334-0737 voice: (352) 372-3505
4/28/99 Richard Mankin