Florida Entomological Society

Executive Committee Meeting

December 17, 2002

Building 1 Conference Room

USDA-Center for Medical, Agricultural and Veterinary Entomology

Gainesville, Florida

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President Howard Frank called the meeting to order at 1:07 pm.


Ken Bloem, Eileen Buss, Teresa DuChene, Howard Frank, Steve Lapointe (via conference call), Richard Mankin, Rob Meagher, David Oi, Jan Sasser, Tom Walker, Lois Wood

Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes

Motion to approve the September 17 minutes, approved unanimously

Computer Resources Committee (Richard Mankin) and BioOne and PubMed Central Progress Report (T. Walker) – written report on file

Jeff Johnson (E. O. Painter Printing Co.) quoted a price of $5.85 per page for producing BioOne-compliant HTML and PDF files. Based on that price, the additional costs that FES will incur to produce compliant files for the 2002 issues of Florida Entomologist are $2,591.10. Since the Executive Committee approved spending as much as $3,032, Mr. Johnson was instructed to make the files. BioOne posts additional information about each journal it displays. Tom and Howard Frank wrote the information page for the display.

Tom discussed the advantage of placing Florida Entomologist on PubMed Central (PMC). Since PMC accepts BioOne-compliant files, we should be able to put the journal on PMC at little additional cost. The major advantage of Florida Entomologist on PMC is that any search for free-access articles in the biological sciences should include PMC. Tom requested that the Executive Committee allow him to proceed with putting Florida Entomologist on PMC on the condition that the added expenditures not exceed $50 per issue. Although the discussion was favorable, vote was delayed because of our concern that we didn’t have a quorum (see discussion at end of minutes). An email vote was planned for early January.

Business Manager Report (Teresa DuChene) - written report on file

Financial report is current through November 30, 2002: Morgan Stanley $65,392.04, Bank of America $24,739.58 for total assets of $90,131.62.

Invoices for unpaid 2003 membership dues in all categories will be mailed by the end of December.

We have received notice to renew our domain name from Network Solutions (agent, Verisign). Verisign doesn’t accept checks, and FES doesn’t have a credit card. Teresa is looking into obtaining a credit card through Morgan Stanley. We can change our account to accommodate credit card transactions, however the annual fee is $200. Teresa is seeking a lower cost solution.

We have signed the contract with the Marriott at Hutchinson Island for the 2003 meeting, which is scheduled for the first week in August. After much discussion, it was decided to change the dates to July 27-30 for the Annual Meeting. There should be no problem in changing the dates with the Marriott.

Financial Report approved.

Local Arrangements Committee (Steve Lapointe)

Other members include Bill Overholt (University of Florida, Indian River REC, Ft. Pierce) and Cindy McKenzie (USDA, ARS, USHRL, Ft. Pierce). Steve talked about a workshop for teachers in the St. Lucie Co. area, with the goal to provide classroom tools for FCAT standards. There was also discussion on how to get more interest out of industry members.

Education Committee (Jim Price) – Although Jim wasn’t in attendance, there was discussion about the Florida Foundation for Future Scientists (FFFS) and the State Science and Engineering Fair by Jan Sasser. We need to have the EC help design and obtain new FES certificates for deserving participants.

Newsletter (Lois Wood and Eileen Buss) – several items requested for Feb. – Mar. newsletter, including President’s Message, Executive Committee minutes, and request form for Annual Meeting. We will contact Gregg Nuessly for student competition information. Also request nominations for honors and awards (June 1).

Honors and Awards (Ken Bloem) – the committee needs nominees. Is there a list of past awardees? Awardees are named in Aug./Sep. newsletter or in March issue of Florida Entomologist.

Fiscal Committee (Rob Meagher) - no report given

Pioneer Lecture (David Hall) – no report given

New Business

Item, website

Howard led a discussion about the use of our website (most hits for journal, second for Annual Meeting) and how we can get more of the public involved. Topics such as insect biodiversity and pest control should be linked. Also, when the keywords, ‘Florida’ and ‘insects’ are typed, does FES’s website show? The discussion led to how to get amateur entomologists and others involved.

Item, increased attendance at Annual Meeting

Many ideas were discussed on how to get more people interested in our Annual Meeting, especially the industry sector and local extension or county agents.

Adjourn 2:30 pm


Secretary’s postscript -

There was some discussion about the number needed for a quorum. Let me briefly review our Bylaws as presented in the FES Operating Guidelines. The Executive Committee consists of the President, the President-elect, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Business Manager, two members-at-large plus 2 student members, the Chair of the Public Relations Committee, the immediate Past-President, a representative of each Affiliation, and the Editor of the Florida Entomologist. The presence of four members of the Executive Committee at any meeting shall establish a quorum, provided all Executive Committee members have been notified in advance of the meeting.

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2/28/03 Richard Mankin