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Frequently asked questions:

1.  What is this insect I found in my house today?  How do I get rid of it?  Is it a brown recluse spider?

Check out our Florida Pests web page.
Check out the University of Florida Featured Creatures website.
Check out   http://brown-recluse-spiders.net  or http://www.brownreclusespider.biz.
Still need help . . .  Maybe its time to stump an expert ?

2. How do I become a member?

Print out, fill out, and mail the membership application form to Florida Entomological Society, P. O. Box 1007, Lutz, FL 33548-1007. 
The amount due is listed on the form.

3. How does an institution subscribe to the Florida Entomologist?

Institutional memberships are $50 (see membership application form).

4.  How do I make links from my home page to articles in the Florida Entomologist?
       If you have published articles in Florida Entomologist and list your publications on your home page, you can make those bibliographic entries clickable.  To get the URL for an article, first find it in the on-line Florida Entomologist.  Right-click on the pdf  and copy the shortcut.  Paste the shortcut into the link on your publications page.

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10/28/10 Richard Mankin