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Author(s), "partial title"
2011 Brambila, "Tuta absoluta . . ."

Kendra et al., "Efficacy of essential oil lures for redbay ambriosia beetle"

Rhodes & Mizell, "Potential attractants for redbay ambrosia beetle"
2009 Pick et al. , "Entomopathogenic fungus and aphid parasitoid managing aphid"

Marshall et al. , "Leafhopper virus in glassy-winged sharpshooters"

Hunter , "Advantages of metagenomics approach against Huanglongbing"

Hunter  et al. , "Expressed sequences in three Pierce's disease vectors"

Tufts et al. , "Integration of Picorna viruses in multiple insects"

Hert et al. , "D. citri cell cultures for Liberibacter propogation"

Hunter and Adkins, "Leafhopper pathogen"

Price and Nagle, "Novaluron to control Nitidulidae in strawberries"

Kendra et al., “Strategies to address redbay ambrosia beetle threat  . .”

Kendra et al., “Antennal and behavioral responses  to Putrescine and . . . .”

Arbogast et al., "The small hive beetle . . .
2008 Kendra et al., “Ovary development in  Caribbean fruit fly. . .”

Kendra et al., “Signature chemicals for detecting . . .”


See 2007 Annmeet abstracts


Hunter et al.,  "Gene expression in the Asian citrus Psyllid . . . "


Hunter and Katsar, "Gene expression in two leafhopper . . ."


Kendra et al., "Backyard composting of infested fruit . . ."


Mankin and Taylor, "A comparative analysis of Mediterranean . . ."


Katsar et al,. "Molecular characterization of desaturases . . ."

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