7/20/99 Note from Michael Thomas on Ross Arnett

7/5/99 A web page has been established to list employment opportunities!  Check it out by clicking the JOBS button at the left of the screen.

12/2/98  The Florida Entomological Society is now officially a nonprofit organization.  Your donations are deductible!  You can make unrestricted donations, or donate to specific worthy causes like student travel or awards.  Contact Teresa DuChene, business manager,  for further details.

Teresa DuChene
Florida Entomological Society
P.O. Box 1007
Lutz, Florida 33548-1007

12/2/98    New MEETING SITE-- Due to renovations at the Caribe Hilton, the 1999 Annual meeting will be held at the Condado Plaza Hotel.  Further details will be available later.

7/30/98    New Links to Entomological Home Pages in Florida

6/3/98 The Venezuelan Entomological Bulletin website now has a beta version of a search engine (buscador) covering issues since 1986

6/3/98 The Florida Entomologist has upgraded its search engine.

6/3/98  Program for the 1998 Annual Meeting at Sanibel

5/11/98 Mediterranean fruit fly in Florida []

5/11/98 Photoproducts and Metabolites of a Common Insect Growth Regulator Produce Developmental Deformities in Xenopus [Not methoprene, but its degradates]


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