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The Florida Entomological Society

The Florida Entomological Society was founded by a small group of naturalists at the University of Florida in 1916 to promote and stimulate interest in the field of entomology among Floridians. The Society received its official charter from the State of Florida (#709710) on October 5, 1965, and received Federal tax exempt status in 1998. Tax-deductible contributions are needed for student grants, travel to meetings, and other worthy causes.

The Florida Entomological Society with approximately 700 members is the largest state entomological society in the USA. Membership in the society includes scientists from state and federal agencies as well as industry, commercial pest control operators, consultants, teachers, students and hobbyists from Florida and other regions of the USA and many foreign countries. Entomologists from the Caribbean Region enjoy close alliance with the Society through common interests and opportunity for professional meetings. The Society vigorously recognizes students in particular by encouraging study and research in entomology and promoting their accomplishments through grants, achievement awards and special membership opportunity.

Florida Entomologist is the official journal of the Society and is recognized as "An International Journal for the Americas" in view of its broad circulation. Florida Entomologist is published quarterly, containing papers on all phases of basic and applied entomology, with no geographical restrictions regarding publication.

The Society holds an annual convention in Florida and, on occasion, Caribbean conferences for the opportunity of professional information exchange, consideration of societal matters, and fellowship. Meetings are considered public forum for all people interested in entomology and other related sciences.

Membership Categories and Benefits

The Florida Entomological Society has four categories of membership.

Full members may publish in the Florida Entomologist, may attend the Annual meeting at a reduced fee, may vote for Society officers or serve as an officer, and may participate in committee activities, including the organization of annual meeting symposia, judging of student awards, and nomination of members for honors and awards.

Student members pay a reduced fee, and may participate in the Student Awards competition. Students receive all the benefits of Full Members.

Sustaining members receive all the benefits of full members. In addition, their company name is listed in the Florida Entomologist, and posted on the Florida Entomological Society web site.

Corporate members receive all the benefits of Sustaining members. In addition, their logos or other recognitions will appear in the Annual Program.

Corporate and Sustaining Members

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